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Till the present moment I was using PreEmptive Dotfuscator to obfuscate my assemblies until I've found THE GREAT .Net Reactor solution for the same purpose, I tired Reactor and it was really amazing until I fall down in the hole!! Reactor worked greatly in most of my assemblies but when I've tried my recent C# solution I had the following error:

unknown custom metadata item kind 7 .net reactor

My solution is C# .Net 3.5, Reactor version:

Any help present?

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ygoe replied

Does that obfuscator have a feature to produce invalid metadata? You might try disabling that to see if the result is more usable.

@LonelyPixel produce invalid metadata?!! may I have misunderstood you. In general, the .Net Reactor doesn't provide a feature like that. Thanks for your reply.

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user3564895 answered

Have you tried to delete all the debug files (.pdb) before you protect the assembly?

Ahmed Suror replied
AMAZING MAN !!!! It worked!! Could you tell me please why the *.pdb affected this operation? Although some of my assemblies worked with Reactor without deleting its .pdb file?;
user3564895 replied
The unknown debug symbol is in the file. I suspect your version of visual studio is more advanced than the (old) version of .net reactor you are using. This was suggested by their tech support and worked for me. [except for my .net version was too advanced so I've got to upgrade anyway];
Ahmed Suror replied
Exactly, because I've tried Reactor v4.9.9 and I didn't get that annoying error, knowing that I'm using Visual Studio 2015;