Questions › html cant select file out of the folder with <a> tag attribute href=“”

folders: fakebook/template/index.html

i want to do link with <a href.... from index.html to fakebook/register.php

i tried: <a href="/register.php" class="btn btn-default btn-lg">Sign up</a> and also: Sign up

Comments :
LeViNcE replied

did you try changing the url to fakebook/register.php instead of just /register.php ?

Epodax replied

Could you clarify your issue and what you have tried?

aldrin27 replied

What is the path of your register.php?

the file i need to do link from: fakebook/template/index.html. the link need to go to: fakebook/register.php

1 Answers :
Xahed Kamal answered

The first '/' wont be needed.

<a href="fakebook/template/index.html" class="btn btn-default btn-lg">Sign up</a>